A few days ago I decided to move my website to use Jekyll instead of the basic HTML that I had been using. Jekyll adds a bit of complexity to setting up my deve lopment environment but it’s really nice to get themes & some of the other features of Jekyll.

One of the big things that I like is that I can easily write my blog posts in seperate files, with the date in the filename, and easily have them added to the list of blog posts. Before, I was writing every post in a single HTML file and having to manually put the dates as well as all sorts of formatting. Now, they can be in seperate files and easily added to a list of all blog posts on the respective English/German blog pages. I can also write my posts in markdown rather than HTML now. While not super important, it’s a nice quality of life improvement.

It’s pretty nice being able to have predefined layouts, too. Layouts are just HTML files that can be used by the various markdown pages. It makes it really easy to add new pages (like blog posts) without having to copy over all of the HTML for every new entry. Layouts can also be used to automatically create the URL for a webpage, which makes things simpler for me.

The only issue that I’ve had with my transition to Jekyll was trying to figure out how to set up my German blog posts to use the German date format (and month names). Eventually, though, I started to get the hang of it and found a website with an example already written with the German months! I got that set up and now my English and German post layouts each have their own date format that works well.

I’ll probably try to make my site a little bit nicer looking in the future, maybe with a better theme, and try to add some more detailed information on the home and about pages.